Automakers Look to Rev Up Sales Growth in Russia

Luxury cars to pamper your inner oligarch caught the eye as the Moscow motor show opened on Wednesday, but it is the Russian of more modest means who has the attention of the world's carmakers, keen to profit from one of Europe's few growing markets.

Nissan, Mitsubishi Team Up to Build New Mini Vehicles

Nissan and Mitsubishi plan to work together to bring some new vehicles to market. The Japanese automakers will establish a joint venture to produce a minicar for the home market by 2012, while Nissan will produce a small van for Mitsubishi, which in turn will make an SUV for Nissan.

French Lawyer Battles to Stop Renault Naming Car 'Zoe'

A French lawyer is fighting to stop carmaker Renault (RNSDF) naming its new electric car "Zoe", saying that first names should be sacred. Attorney David Koubbi is representing the parents of two young girls called Zoe Renault, The Associated Press reported. Koubbi argues that corporations should not use first names to market products.

The Sims Goes Green, With an Electric Car Tie-In

Renault isn't planning to bring electric vehicles to the market until next year, but The Sims will get to test drive the vehicles virtually this spring. Electronic Arts has signed a deal to make the automaker's Twizy Z.E. concept car available on The Sims 3 for free. But will going green help the game company make money?

Daimler Targets Small Cars with Renault-Nissan Alliance

The German auto maker has struggled to be profitable in the small-car segment recently, so it's attracted by Renault-Nissan's success in this area. Here's hoping Daimler's new tie-up works better than its previous one with Chrysler.