What to Watch This Week: Tea, DVRs, 3-D, Watches and Tiny Cameras

Here are some items that will help shape the week ahead for Wall Street. Teavana is getting hot; DISH Network is going cold turkey on commercials; tiny camera maker OmniVision will make investors smile; Movado's earnings bear watching; and RealD's numbers should generate some applause.

4 Ways Hollywood Can Save the Local Multiplex

Hollywood has a problem. For the first time in more than two decades, the film industry is posting back-to-back years of falling box office receipts. Before the drama becomes a horror show, here are a few things that could beef up ticket sales.

Popcorn Throwdown: 3-D Flicks Getting Massacred

Hoping to come back from a disappointing summer, Disney is re-releasing its early-nineties classic The Lion King in 3-D on Friday. But the 3-D format itself is struggling after several underperforming titles. Read on to find out which of the two leading 3-D companies, RealD or IMAX, remains the better investment bet.

5 Things to Watch Next Week: Potter Mania, Earnings

There's no such thing as a summertime lull when earnings season is upon us. Next week will bring plenty of headlines -- among them box office receipts for the last Harry Potter film and quarterly results from Apple, Cintas, and Microsoft.