Real estate agents

Americans Love to Hate These Professions -- and No Wonder

Congressmen, lobbyists, and car salesmen have some of the worst reputations for honesty and ethics, as do business execs, stock brokers and real estate agents. And there's a reason why: The rules of their games are stacked against good behavior.

The Housing Mess Hits One New York Town Hard

In some parts of the U.S., the real estate market remains deep in recession. But even with housing prices sitting at multi-year lows, millions of houses remain empty, unable to attract buyers haunted by unemployment and a weak economy. As part of a new series, Ghost Towns of the Great Recession, DailyFinance takes a look at one town near New York City that is still struggling with the effects of the great real estate bust.

Yahoo Hands Over Real Estate Listings to

Yahoo is handing over its listings of homes for sale and local real estate advertising to, a real estate website. Zillow will oversee a network that will place home for sale listings and real estate advertising on both Yahoo and, The Associated Press reported.

Realtor earnings skid 13% in 2008

If you're mad at the real estate agent who sold you an overpriced, over-hyped investment property a couple years ago -- and promised you'd get rich...