Life After a Ponzi Scheme: Victim Turns Huge Loss into Literature

In 2008, R.P. McCabe saw a $1 million investment in real estate disappear, not due to the recession, but a Ponzi scheme that robbed around 700 investors of $100 million. First he got mad. Then he got depressed. Next, he got curious. And then he wrote a novel based on the experiences of his fellow victims: "Betrayed."

Fraud Files: Can the SEC Beat Goldman? Remember Madoff

The depths of SEC incompetence are masterfully exposed in "No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller," the new book by Bernie Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos. How inept was the agency? Read on, and learn why Goldman Sachs shouldn't be too worried about its future.

Fraud Files: Does a Bad Economy Lead to Fraud?

While we're hearing more about fraud, that doesn't necessarily mean more workers are stealing from their employers or more money managers are swindling investors. The probable reason? Tighter corporate finances are making it more likely that existing frauds will be uncovered.

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Ruth Madoff to hire own attorney

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How many whistleblowers does it take?

It seems that Harry Markopolos wasn't the only person blowing the whistle on the Ponzi scheme being run by money manager Bernard Madoff. News is now...

How to spot a Ponzi scheme

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