Insider Trading at Playboy: The Case Against Christie Hefner's Husband Revealed

Christie Hefner, daughter of Hugh Hefner, was in control of Playboy Enterprises for two decades as its CEO. What she wasn't in control of was her husband, William Marovitz, who was secretly trading Playboy stock based on inside information. A new report by Bloomberg reveals the details of his transgressions for the first time.

M&A Mania: Early 2011 Deals Already Hit a 10-Year High

Companies such as Duke Energy and DuPont are off and running with megamergers early this year. Even Playboy is among the dealers. And market pros say the trend is far from over. Why are so many U.S. companies tying the knot? Fast growth is hard to come by in any other strategy.

Playboy Going Private in Hefner-Backed Buyout

For more than a year, adult entertainment company Playboy Enterprises has been looking for someone to save it, but in the end, its savior came from within. Last July, founder Hugh Hefner offered to take Playboy private, and Monday, the company finally announced that it has agreed to his offer.

Forbes Media Taps a CEO Not Named Forbes: Mike Perlis

Forbes Media is reaching outside the family ranks for the first time to name a new CEO, the company announced Tuesday. Veteran venture capitalist and media executive Mike Perlis will assume his new post Dec. 1, replacing longtime CEO and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes.

Dirty Apps? Apple's Erratic Censorship

Steve Jobs's dictate that apps for Apple's iPad and iPhone contain no pornography or nudity affects plenty of major magazines, including Playboy, Cosmopolitan and W. How are they dealing with it?

Playboy Posts a Loss, Still Mulling Hefner's Bid

Playboy Enterprises Group, which founder and major shareholder Hugh Hefner wants to take private, today reported that its second-quarter loss eased compared to the year-ago period as gains in its licensing business offset declines in publishing.

Being the Brand: CEOs as Corporate Icons

Colonel Sanders pulled it off, and so has Steve Jobs. Yet few companies allow one individual to represent their brand. Why not? The risks are large, and, well, few CEOs are actually good at it.

Playboy Launches Website Guys Can Browse at Work

Playboy Enterprises launched a website it says will be safe to browse at work. The site,, contains none of the nudity of the iconic magazine. Instead, it will focus on humor - original content and funny moments harvested from sources as diverse as "The Daily Show" to the Korean Parliament.

With Playboy in Play, How High Will the Bids Go?

Hugh Hefner's offer to buy all of Playboy Enterprises and take it private may look like a slam-dunk because he already owns so much of it. Not so. Some big shareholders say it's a low-ball bid, and already FriendFinder has made a higher offer.

The Shape of a FriendFinder-Playboy Hook-Up

Playboy has missed the Internet revolution, resulting in a dismal performance for shareholders. Web adult entertainment network and Penthouse owner FriendFinder wants to buy the company for at least $210 million -- a chance for Playboy to get online assets.

Legal Briefing: Court Gives the OK for 'Indecency' on TV

When the FCC decided in 2004 to start fining broadcasters over the use of fleeting expletives, the agency became a caricature of a state censor. Now, the Second Circuit has ruled that the 'indecency' policy was unconstitutionally vague. So what's next for dirty words?

Daily Blogwatch: What Happens After Six Up Days in a Row?

Among today's top online stories for investors are include three stocks that are better buys than Apple, 52 ways to die in a cave, an examination of sports betting hedge funds, and more proof that nobody ever really remembers what the last recovery was like.

Hugh Hefner Offers to Take Playboy Private

Playboy Enterprises (PLA, PLA.A) shares are soaring some 34% in premarket trading after the company announced that its has received a proposal from Hugh M. Hefner to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Class A and Class B common stock of PEI not currently owned by Hefner for $5.50 per share in cash. PLA closed at $3.94 Friday.

Playboy to Cut More Jobs in Bid to Restructure

Playboy Enterprises is downsizing its organizational structure as it continues its transition into a brand management company. The company expects to take a second quarter restructuring charge of $3 million, but will save more than $3 million annually.

Playboy Looks for Profits in the Casinos of Macau

Think the Playboy brand is dead? Think again. The company, famous for its iconinc magazine and velvet-clad bunnies, is heading to the world's biggest casino playground this year: the Chinese gambling region of Macau.

'Too Sexy' Banker Coverage Misses the Point

DailyFinance's legal correspondent Abigail Field has avoided weighing in on the Debrahlee Lorenzana case -- until now. But its time to look at the facts: Whether the Citigroup banker was "too sexy" isn't the point. The question is, did Citigroup create a hostile, discriminatory workplace?

Will Playboy 3-D Centerfold Refresh an Aging Brand?

In a bid to refresh its brand and reverse financial decline, Playboy Enterprises announced that the June issue of Playboy magazine, scheduled to hit newsstands Friday, will include a 3-D centerfold of Playmate of the Year Hope Dworaczyk.

12 things you shouldn't buy in 2010

Who among us doesn't own a closet full of toys, tools, clothes and electronics that we just had to have, only to find after we made the purchase that...

Porn Titan Buying Playboy Shares

Playboy Enterprises Inc. (PLA), whose shares tanked Wednesday after a planned sale of the adult media empire collapsed, has one of porn's biggest executives in its corner. Bill Asher, the co-chief executive of the world's largest adult video producer, Vivid Entertainment Group, tells DailyFinance that he now owns 1 million shares of the company of the company Hugh Hefner founded more than 50 years ago.

The Deal to Save Playboy Collapses

Time may be running out for Playboy Enterprises. A deal has fallen apart to sell the publisher of the iconic men's magazine to Iconix Brand Group, owner of London Fog and Danskin. Iconix determined that "it would be too complicated to separate the Playboy brand from the company's other assets."