E-Piracy: The High Cost of Stolen Books

Lost book sales can't be quantified, making it impossible to calculate e-piracy's full economic impact. But the sheer number of illegal copies available for download gives an idea of the scope. It translates into a staggering amount of royalties being stolen from authors.

Pirates Target Mac App Store Just One Day After Launch

Just one day after Apple (AAPL) launched its new Mac App Store, pirates say they have found security flaws in the system. The new download service, launched on Thursday, allows users to download software that has been scrutinized and approved by Apple on to their computers, BBC News reported. Apple hopes that the system will emulate the success of its iPhone App Store.

Arrrg! Pirates seize a wall near you

Thank goodness artist Michelle Vaughan has a soft spot for pirates. Otherwise, how else would New Yorkers and tourists alike rediscover the magic of...