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Wall Street Watch: It's Tea Time for Starbucks

Starbucks announced on Wednesday that it will pay $620 million to acquire Teavana, the upscale mall chain that sells dozens of varieties of loose teas and artisanal tea-making equipment. They do also sell brewed tea beverages, but that's only sliver of its business. For Starbucks, this is a retail play, pure and simple.

Facebook Insiders' Stock Gets Unlocked, and Its Share Price Unloads

After three months of lethargic trading, many longtime Facebook stakeholders can begin unloading their shares on Thursday, when lock-up restrictions end. That could mean another plunge in the price. But how many of those early investors will be changing their status to "selling"?

Wall Street this Week: Surprises in Store for Retailers

It's going to be a busy week for retailers as more than a dozen publicly traded chains offer up their latest quarterly financials. But regardless of how popular a diversion shopping is, don't assume that crowded malls are translating into blowout results for major retailers.