James Bond E-Books: Bypassing Print

Instead of licensing the digital rights to Penguin, Ian Fleming's literary estate is making the e-book editions available directly itself. Getting the most out of the Bond brand is the estate's rationale for keeping the e-books in-house.

Random House's E-Book Deal With Wylie Leaves Much Unanswered

Random House and top literary agent Andrew Wylie have settled their fight over his plans to publish e-books of older works from big name authors he represents. But while the battle is over, the settlement announcement raises more questions than it answers about the future of e-publishing.

Comedian Betty White Lands Book Deal

Showbiz veteran Betty White has been cresting quite the popularity wave lately. After work on TV shows like The Golden Girls, hilarious Super Bowl ads and a guest-hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, she has landed a two-book deal with Penguin.

Penguin Is No. 1 on iPad, But Gets No Love From Amazon

Book publisher Penguin has many reasons to feel good: Its preliminary earnings report for 2010 is positive, and its book deals with Apple is working well. But Penguin still hasn't sorted out its issues with Amazon, and the online giant is making it pay.

Publishers Look Beyond Books for New Revenue

Book publishers are keeping tabs on FarmVille, ChatRoulette, Facebook, and video-game companies, turning their sights onto the rapidly changing environment in digital distribution and social networking to keep their industry relevant -- and alive.