Paul Ceglia

Facebook Claimant Explains Why He Waited Six Years

Paul Ceglia, the man who claims he's owed an 84% stake in Facebook, has offered up an answer to the burning question of why he waited more than six years to sue. Quite simply, he forgot about the alleged contract until he went looking for assets to sell as he faced lawsuits for fraud.

Facebook CEO: 'We' Did Not Sign Contract

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday dismissed the notion that he, or more precisely "we," ever signed a contract that could ultimately give ownership of his social networking company to New York businessman Paul Ceglia.

Who Really Owns Facebook?

Facebook's ownership is becoming murkier by the minute. During a court hearing Tuesday, the company's attorney said she was "unsure" whether founder Mark Zuckerberg signed a contract that could potentially give an 84% stake in the company to a New York businessman.

Website Designer Sues for 84% of Facebook

Facebook and a New York man named Paul Ceglia are in a legal brawl over allegations that the social networking giant owes him 84% of the company for designing its website. A New York judge has placed the company under a temporary order that bars it from transferring any of its assets while the case proceeds.