Don't Look Now, But Google Just Goofed

Last week, rumors began emerging of a planned wireless entertainment device from Google. That may sound cool, but before Google jumps headfirst into the brutally competitive and low-margin consumer electronics business, it should recall how similar moves nearly crushed Cisco.

Why to Be Glad America Isn't Making TVs Anymore

It's hard to complain too much about how Japan "stole" the high-tech electronics business from the U.S. More accurately, they took a low-margin business off our hands. And you know what we should be saying to that? Good riddance!

2012: The Year Web- Connected TVs Take Over

No segment of the electronics industry better highlights the challenges of these times than the television business. With sales of standard TVs flagging, the industry is pinning its hopes to new models TVs equipped to handle Internet streaming, WiFi and more.

Nikkei Continues to Rise on Positive Earnings and Hope for the U.S.

Positive earnings outlooks among some of Japan's major companies continued to boost investor sentiment. Japan's Nikkei 225 Index added 0.4% to close at 10,636. Hong Kong's Hang Seng slid 0.3% to end the day at 23,484. Markets in China remained closed for Chinese New Year.

Panasonic to Sell Smartphones Starting 2011

Panasonic Corp. (PC) will begin selling its own smartphone in Japan in 2011 and overseas in 2012. The new phone will use the Google (GOOG) Android operating system, Reuters reported.

Panasonic to Re-Enter Portable Gaming Market

Panasonic (PC) will re-enter the portable gaming market after more than a decade with a hand-held device called "The Jungle." The device will be a clamshell, with a screen on one side and a keyboard on the other, TechCrunch reported.

3-D TV Sales Are Set for Eye-Popping Growth

About 4 million 3-D-capable TV sets will ship in 2010, one out of every 20 flat-screen TVs sold. That's projected to more than double next year and grow tenfold in four years. But hurdles like lack of 3-D programming and bandwith constraints could limit such rapid growth.

Panasonic to Acquire SANYO Common Stock in Tender Offer

Panasonic (PC) will acquire the shares of common stock of SANYO Electric Co (SANYY) through a tender offer, Panasonic announced. Panasonic currently owns 50.5% of the aggregate number of SANYO%u2019s issued shares, following a 2009 tender offer Panasonic said in a statement.

Panasonic Unveils 3D Camcorder

Panasonic debuted a 3D consumer camcorder Tuesday, tying its latest device to its growing product line of 3D electronics.The move couldn't come soon enough, as the marketplace for 3D electronics is rapidly growing.

A Wait-and-See Approach to 3-D TV in Japan

In Japan, a recent survey found 67.4% of consumers indicated they'd take a pass on purchasing a 3-D TV. They cited several reasons, but wearing special 3-D glasses tops the list. Other concerns: price and lack of 3-D programming.

Samsung Issues a Health Warning for 3-D TV

Korea's Samsung is acknowledging the risk from 3-D TVs for epileptic seizure or stroke to pregnant women, the elderly, the sleep deprived and the intoxicated. Children and teens are particularly susceptible, which the video-game industry has known for a while.

How Consumers Will Take Back the Net in 2010

Thanks to the power of the Internet, it's getting harder for companies to control how we communicate and entertain ourselves. Google's new phone runs an app that enables users to make international calls far cheaper than with any wireless carrier. That's just one sign of growing consumer influence through the Net.