North Korea

Countries Spending the Most on the Military

The U.S. has a military budget four times larger than China even with a recent decline of more than $40 billion. Find out which countries spend the most on their military.

China Stole the Show in 2010. Next Year May Be Tougher

While the U.S. struggled with near-10% unemployment, China grew at that same pace over the past year. But the country faces massive internal problems that leave it in a far more difficult situation than the praise constantly heaped on it implies.

Has North Korea Finally Overplayed Its Hand?

There's no obvious end in sight to the tension between North and South Korea that recently rattled world markets. But Kim Jong-il may have embarrassed his patrons in Beijing too much this time, and pushed his neighbors to the south too far. Could real change be coming to the Korean Peninsula?

Investors May Need Better Reasons to Buy Stocks

Given all that transpired globally over the Thanksgiving weekend, the idea of holding risky assets like stocks should give investors heartburn. A good Black Friday weekend and strong holiday selling season will draw traders' gazes, but that's no sure shot.

Investors Should Be Worried About Erratic North Korea

North Korea's unprovoked artillery attack this week on the sparsely populated South Korean island of Yeonpyeong put a scare into the international community. What's even more frightening is contemplating the despotic regime's next step.

Facebook Closes Accounts Claiming to Be From North Korea

Social-networking site Facebook closed down two accounts that claimed to be from North Korea. "If a person poses as a person or entity that you don%u2019t officially represent, that becomes a violation of our policy," said Facebook spokeswoman Kumiko Hidaka, according to Bloomberg News. "Facebook is based on real people that are on there making connections and people are going to get the most value of the site if they%u2019re using real identities."

Now the No. 2 Economy, What's Ahead for China?

According to one China expert, overtaking Japan as the world's second-largest economy doesn't change the underlying economic issues China must resolve, but it does cement changes that have been rapidly making China a far more important player on the global stage