Nintendo DS

Nintendo Slashes Forecast, Says 3-D Game Delayed

Nintendo slashed its forecast for the year ending March 31, 2011, as the videogame maker cited weak sales and stronger-than-expected appreciation of the Japanese yen. It also announced its new handheld 3-D video game console won't be released until after the holiday season.

Nintendo Goes 3D With Popular Game Device

Nintendo unveiled plans Tuesday to launch a 3D version of its popular DS handheld game device, marking yet another move by an electronics maker to take advantage of 3D technology.

E-Books for Kids Get Publishers' Attention

Book publishers' interest in digital e-books is mounting, as the number of e-readers hitting the market, in all shapes, sizes, and color capabilities, is set to grow. And the children's sector of publishing in particular is getting their notice.

Train your brain, And gain as you age

What fun is retiring well-off if you're not all there to enjoy the ride? Anyone unfortunate to have witnessed the ravages of Alzheimer's certainly...