Even Warren Buffett Can't Save the Small Newspaper Business

The problem with the newspaper business is simple: A subscription price barely pays for the paper your papers are printed on, and free media are siphoning off the ad revenues newspapers rely on. Warren Buffet thought he could buck the trend, but not even the Oracle of Omaha can fight math.

Forget Fountain Pens: 5 Gifts New College Grads Can Really Use

The classic graduation gifts are perfect for someone headed for an artist's colony or off on a vacation. But with half of recent college grads unemployed, the best gifts are ones that will help put them on the fast track to a job. Here are five smart options.

News Corp. to Launch Digital Newspaper on Jan. 19

News Corp. (NWS) will launch its much-anticipated digital newspaper for tablet computers on January 19. Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp., and Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs will both attend the launch, Reuters reported without naming its sources.

Can Google's Android Undercut iTunes for News?

Google is considering a plan to charge publishers less to sell news to Android users than the 30% fee that Apple typically charges to sell apps on iTunes. Will that be enough to attract news publishers?

Newsweek, The Daily Beast Discuss Potential Merger

Newsweek magazine and news website The Daily Beast are in talks about a possible merger, according to The Wall Street Journal. The two news outlets are considering a structure whereby Tina Brown, co-founder and co-owner of The Daily Beast, would become editor of Newsweek while maintaining her current editorial duties at The Daily Beast, The Wall Street Journal said without naming its sources.

Philly's Papers Are Going Back on the Block

Philadelphia Media Network thought it had a deal after winning the papers in April, but the Teamsters have balked at the last minute. That means the Philly Inquirer and Daily News will be auctioned again, and PMN plans to try again.

Here Comes the Great Internet Paywall

A paywall is rising at The New York Times, AT&T is limiting data-usage for the iPhone, and is going start charging viewers. What happened to the fundamental Internet ideas of free and unlimited?

A Modest Proposal for Rupert Murdoch, Google-Phobe

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch may think he's struck a major blow against Google with his plan to remove the articles from two of his newspapers from the search results of the Internet behemoth her hates so much -- but I think he needs to go still further.

Sony Launches E-Book Joint Venture in Japan

Sony sells plenty of Readers worldwide, but it years ago gave up trying to market them in Japan. Now, just as Apple is about to launch its iPad there, Sony is defending its home turf with a new joint venture designed to solve the problem that stymied its previous e-book attempts: lack of content.

Philadelphia Media Mogul Loses Newspaper Battle with Creditors

Former public relations executive Brian P. Tierney had wanted to be the top media dog in Philadelphia in the worst way, and he succeeded, taking over The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News in 2006. But now his reign has ended. Creditors won the newspapers' bankrupt parent company, Philadelphia Newspapers, in an auction Tuesday.

Billionaire Ron Perelman Eyes Philadelphia's Newspapers

Billionaire star investor Warren Buffet will invest in almost any industry -- except newspapers. As technology and the worst economic slowdown since the Great Depression created the biggest upheaval the industry has seen in decades, the parent company of Philadelphia's two leading papers is on the auction block today. Will billionaire Ron Perelman emerge as the hometown hero who saves the local papers?

Did Scripps Sell 'Peanuts' Licensing for Peanuts?

E.W. Scripps, owner of the beloved Peanuts brand, is selling United Media Licensing for $175 million, and while the sale comes as no surprise, the price might: It's a tad low given that majority buyer Iconix thinks it can generate $75 million in royalties a year from the business.

WSJ Slashes Prices as Murdoch Aims at NY Times

Rupert Murdoch has a history of contrarian gambles that pay off big. But with newspaper advertising in a historic slump and online ad spend overtaking print for the first time, is the price war a smart move at this time?

Little Hope for Legacy News Organizations

Copyright and fair use doctrine were at the heart of a recent debate about how news organizations are going to make money in the digital age -- if indeed they are.