New York Yankees

The Yankees Score Big with a $1.5 Billion TV Deal

The New York Yankees are a money-making machine and on Tuesday, the company's television subsidiary cashed in. The YES Network is selling 49 percent of its business in a deal that values the network at $3 billion. And the numbers get even bigger from there.

N.Y. Gov. Paterson's Free Yankee Tickets Earn Him a Stiff Fine

The state Public Integrity Commission fined him more than $62,000 for accepting five free tickets to the 2009 World Series opener at Yankee Stadium. It's the latest chapter in the long and dubious history of politicians getting wooed at sports events.

The Reporter Who Revealed How Ill George Steinbrenner Was

The news of George Steinbrenner's death from a heart attack today might have come as more of a surprise to the public had it not been for sportswriter Franz Lidz, who called attention to the New York Yankees' owner's failing health back in 2007.

Yankees give fans a break next year

In the world of professional sports, rising ticket prices is the norm. But in a recession, keeping ticket prices the same for a year is news. The...

Yankees fan sues over steroids

Matthew Mitchell, a fan who has been going to New York Yankees games since 1984, is suing the team over the steroids scandal that pointed the finger...