How the FCC Bungled Net Neutrality

While often well-intentioned, the agency has watched its own "open Internet policy" slowly, but systematically, crumble over the last five years. Now under Julius Genachowski, the FCC faces an almost no-win situation regarding net neutrality.

U.S. 'Open Internet' Plan Threatened by 'Net Neutrality' Ruling

A federal court ruling saying the U.S. lacks authority to enforce "network neutrality" has thrown Obama's plan to ensure the Internet remains "open" and "unfettered" into chaos. The big win for cable giant Comcast leaves the feds with only a couple of options to ensure Internet providers treat Web content equally.

A Legal Blow to the FCC's 'Net Neutrality' Rules

In upholding an appeal by Comcast, a U.S. court ruled that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the legal authority to enforce its "network neutrality" principles. The ruling is sending shock waves from Washington, D.C., to Silicon Valley. Next stop: Congress.