5 Things You Need to Know About Netflix Right Now

Netflix impressed skeptical investors with better-than-expected results on Wednesday night. If you want to know why the stock rallied on the news but you don't want to get your hands dirty by scouring the report, here are your answers.

What to Watch This Week: A Trainload of Earnings Reports

There's never a dull moment on Wall Street, especially now that 2012 is rolling into its first earnings season. Let's go over some of the items that will help shape this week, among them: railroad stocks, Apple, Netflix, the maker of infant formula Enfamil, Starbucks and McDonald's.

Week in Review: Dunkin' Donuts IPO, Netflix Earnings

If you haven't been paying close attention to the action on Wall Street this week, here's what you missed. From Dunkin' Donuts' IPO to Netflix's earnings, we'll break down the numbers to show you what it means for your money.