Vacation Homes, Cars, Jets: Why Buy When You Can Share?

Asset sharing has become a popular theme on Wall Street. There was no shortage of demand when HomeAway and Zipcar went public, and a second-wave of companies, led by airbnb, is currently attracting considerable interest from venture capital firms. Plus, private airplane firm NetJets is owned by a certain oracular billionaire's holding company.

With Sokol Out, Who's in Line to Succeed Buffett?

David Sokol, a top executive at Berkshire, left Warren Buffett's empire abruptly on Wednesday. Although the SEC claims not to be investigating the reasons, and he says the choice was personal, its hard not to see a connection to Berkshire's recent purchase of Lubrizol, which was a big windfall for Sokol.

Berkshire's NetJets Buys Marquis Jet

NetJets, a private aviation company selling fractional ownership in its planes, announced Thursday that it would buy Marquis Jet, a private jet cards company that sells the use of NetJets's planes in 25-hour blocks. Marquis Jet becomes a subsidiary of NetJets, itself owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

Buffett Blasts Wall Street as Berkshire Gains

Berkshire Hathaway returned to form in 2009. Despite lingering effects from the recession and a few key missteps, the results were good enough for billionaire CEO Warren Buffett to express optimism about the future in his widely read annual letter to investors.