Sugar Subsidies Could Send Candy Prices Higher

The Sugar Act of 1934. The Farm Bill of 2008. They're not on the radar of most consumers, but those laws have a big impact on sugar prices, and right now that could mean higher prices for your favorite candy bars.

Hershey Starts Adding More Conscience to its Chocolate

Hershey has been disturbingly lax in addressing abusive child labor practices in the Africa's cocoa industry, and recently, over 100,000 consumers let the company know they're not pleased. Now the chocolatier is changing its ways -- just in time.

Labor Activists Urge George Clooney to Stop Coffee Ads

A Swiss labor rights group has released a video calling out George Clooney for endorsing a Nestle coffee company that reportedly exploits workers toiling under "slave-like conditions" in Nicaragua. The Oscar-winning actor has a great reputation as a human rights activist, so we'll see how this plays out.

Global Giants Hiding on the Pink Sheets

With few exceptions, investors should run screaming from any stock quoted on the Pink Sheets. But not every stock being traded over the counter is a dud. In fact, some of them are top-notch global companies investors would be wise to consider. Here's a look at some of the best.

One Manager's Way of Immunizing Against Panics

Is the modern-day Greek tragedy that's roiling the markets driving you nuts and sending you racing for a defensive strategy? Peter Newell, managing director at Swiss-based Vontobel Asset Management, has a stock-picking approach that avoids such global calamities.

Heinz May Be
on the Takeover Menu

Several signs point to the global food giant's potential to become a target. For one, it's among the few major independent food companies left. Some savvy pros say the most logical and suitable buyer is Switzerland's Nestle.

Mead Johnson May Be Buyout Bait

Bristol-Myers Squibb sold its controlling 83% stake in December, and Mead is attracting new attention not just because of its global dominance in infant formula and children's nutritional products. Nestle and Danone are rumored to be interested suitors.