4 Reasons the Mobile Wallet Revolution Isn't Going Anywhere

Read the tech news these days, and you could be forgiven for thinking that folding cash and credit cards will soon be extinct, replaced by digital wallets in our smartphones. But the reality hasn't lived up to the hype, and a growing chorus of experts say it probably never will.

What the iPhone 5 Won't Be: Your Wave-to-Pay Mobile Wallet

Apple's iPhone 5 added many new features, but one highly-anticipated improvement was left out: the near-field communications chip that would allow you to make purchases with a wave of the smartphone, using your built-in mobile wallet.

Will Google Turn Android Phones into Credit Cards?

Many major companies are hoping that consumers will use their smartphones as a credit or debit card, and Google may be preparing to join in with its Android phones. But is the trend, which has grown popular in Japan, finally ready to take off in the U.S.?