Muriel Siebert

Advice from Muriel Siebert on How to Make It in Business

Muriel Siebert overcame many hurdles to earn the reputation of Wall Street's First Woman. An advocate of women in business and transparency for investors, "Mickie," discusses her accomplishments, dispenses advice and voices her concerns about America's young.

Muriel Siebert: After Lehman, Investors Deserve Better

Muriel Siebert, a long time advocate for the rights of investors, says that the Lehman collapse highlights how difficult it is for investors to understand balance sheets, which often are not completely truthful. But even so, she sees great opportunities for long-term investors.

The top 10 women in money

Elizabeth Warren. Suze Orman. Maria Shriver. Sheila Bair. These women -- and the remaining six on WalletPop's (unscientific) list of the TOP TEN...