Miley Cyrus

Walmart's Latest Fashion Fail: It's No Target

For years, Walmart has been out to prove it could provide some substance for stylish wardrobes, but shoppers didn't buy the idea of fashion from the retail giant. No shock, its high hopes to emulate Target's "cheap chic" reputation have failed: Walmart's shutting down its Manhattan apparel office.

Will Social News be Huffpo's Beacon?

Is it important to you to know what news articles your friends and acquaintances are looking at -- important enough that you're willing to have them...

Miley Cyrus tickets go online only

If your teenybopper daughter is bugging you for Miley Cyrus tickets, there's some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that Ticketmaster is...

Is frugality hip among celebrities?

It turns out that F. Scott Fitzgerald may have been wrong when he famously opined that "the rich are different than you and me." These days,...