Michael Woodford

Why This Fed Move Was Different From Every Move It Made Before

Everyone expected Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to announce another round of Quantitative Easing Thursday, and he did. But in the past, there have always been defined limits on how far the Fed would go. This time, there are none. Here's why he said it, and why it's huge.

Olympus Sues Former Execs Over Billion-Dollar Fraud

Japanese optics giant Olympus is suing several former executives and its current president, seeking millions of dollars in damages after revelations about a decade-plus scheme that hid $1.7 billion in securities losses from investors.

2011's Biggest Financial Heroes and Villains

In a year saturated with big financial headlines, identifying the fiscal heroes and villains is bound to be an exercise in oversimplification. But DailyFinance is going to try: Herewith, we present our picks for the best and the worst of 2011.