Why Bank of America Will Never Be Great Again

Bank of America did the right thing this week, nixing its notorious $5 a month debit card fee before it began. But B of A can't win, and even now, financial journalists are wondering how it will find ways to nickel and dime its way back from this week's fee retreat at the expense of its customers.

World's Millionaires Increased By 8.3% in 2010

Millionaires are back. The number of individuals worldwide with $1 million or more in assets aside from their residence grew by 8.3% to 10.9 million in 2010, topping pre-crisis 2007 levels, according to the World Wealth Report released Wednesday.

The World's Wealthiest Are Getting Richer, Capgemini Reports

Worry no more: The world's richest people are getting back much of the 24% of their wealth they lost since 2007, according to a new report. The top 10 million high net worth individuals held total financial wealth of $39 trillion in 2009, an 18.9% increase from 2008.

Merrill Lynch: Pay it back, baby?

President Barack Obama called it "shameful." Senator Christopher Dodd says he knows what we're all thinking: "this infuriates the American people,...