Mental Health

Beware of These Retirement Pitfalls

Retirement has the potential to be a fulfilling and an exciting adventure, but you need to be careful to avoid these gotchas along the way.

A Bad Job Is Worse for Mental Health Than No Job at All

We all know the psychological impacts of job loss and unemployment can be painful. But a new study reveals something that may surprise some victims of this recession: Having a bad job can be as harmful to your mental health as no job at all -- in fact, it can be even worse.

Why Workers Are More Stressed Out Than Ever

After years of recession and a less than stellar economic recovery, growing numbers of worker are feeling the emotional toll. More of them than ever feel undervalued, stressed out, and dissatisfied with their jobs, a new survey finds.

Drugged and Dosed: Do Americans Take Too Many Mind-Altering Meds?

Two new books raise some deep questions about the American concept of mental health: One is a searing investigation of how we export, not just our drugs, but our idea of mental illness. The other is the upcoming revision of the psychiatric diagnostic manual, which proposed some very necessary changes to the standards of treatment.

Finding mental health help on a budget

The Senate may be debating health care reform, but passing legislation is far from a slam-dunk. For Americans who need help now with mental health...

When economic stress proves too much

The reported suicide of acting Freddie Mac (FRE) Chief Financial Officer David Kellermann puts a human face on the damage the recession has taken on...

Money disorders...or mental problems?

Researchers are now identifying what many of us in mental health already knew -- sometimes people's money problems are a part of their psychological...