Media Bias

How The Wall Street Journal Sounds Like Fox News

If you have any doubt that The Wall Street Journal is fast becoming steeped in the corporate culture of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., I invite you to read a couple of quotations from today's news.

Stop Picking on Fox News (This Time)

Should Fox News have to give up its seat in the White House briefing room because of ideological bias? It's an insignificant non-issue, so enough, already!

Ugly Liberal Media Bias Infiltrates 'Most Beautiful' List

Do you find Democrats better looking than Republicans? If so, you're in agreement with The Hill, which just published its annual list of the 50 most beautiful people on Capitol Hill. Has the liberal media gone too far this time?

Fox Biz Health Poll Not So Fair and Balanced

Fox News has been roundly criticized for selectively citing poll data to make it look like Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to Democratic-led health care reform. Now its sister network, Fox Business, has gone a step further, inviting them to participate in an online poll whose outcome is all but preordained thanks to the laughably biased menu of responses.

Obama takes on Fox News, loses

When is Barack Obama going to learn that presidents shouldn't play press critic? It didn't work for Richard Nixon. It didn't work for Bill Clinton or...

The low, low unemployment numbers

It's time we got this straight. All the crying about the unemployment figures is unwarranted. Why? Unemployment numbers are some of the lowest we've...