The Case for Owning Hormel Foods

However, Hormel Foods , a packaged-food and meat producer, managed to perform well despite all of the difficulties it faced over the last few...

Summer Grilling: To Save Money, Take It Low and Slow

This summer, to save money and eat well, take a tip from Grandma. She knew that affordable cuts of meat cook up tender and tasty when you take your time.

Companies Work to Make Processed Food Look Natural

Food companies are coming to grips with the trend among consumers who don't want fast food and packaged snacks that look overly processed.

Chinese Firm Bids $4.7 Billion for Virginia's Smithfield Foods

Chinese meat processor Shuanghui International has agreed to buy Smithfield Foods for about $4.72 billion in a deal that will take the world's biggest pork producer private.

The Raw Facts About Ground Beef

How to buy, cook and eat your favorite meats -- WITHOUT getting food poisoning!

How Wall Street's Speculators Are Bidding Up Your Grocery Bill

Over the past 10 years, prices for basic food commodities have increased by an average of more than 125%. Part of that is due to rising production costs and demand. But you also have Wall Street traders to thank.

Sink Your Teeth Into Meaty Savings -- Savings Experiment

Experts discuss how to get great bargains on meat.

Why Beef Is So Pricey -- and How to Pay Less

Beef prices have bulked up so much that thieves are starting to steal it. Consumers might feel like they're getting robbed, too, at the checkout stands. Several factors -- including high cattle feed prices -- mean the prices could continue to climb. Here's how to spend less cash on cows.

Six Reasons the Economy Needs Memorial Day

The origins of Memorial Day date to the aftermath of the Civil War, when people would decorate the graves of fallen soldiers to honor their service. The holiday still retains its reverential and patriotic spirit, but its economic consequences, though smaller than those of other holidays, cannot be overlooked.

Beef, Pork Prices Could Shoot Up: Here's How to Save

Last year, beef and pork prices were up an average of 6%, hitting carnivores' wallets hard every time they were at the grocery store. With wholesale...

Why You'll Be Paying More for the Summer Barbecue

Using the Backyard Grill This Summer Just Got More Expensive

Japan Disaster Creates Possible Windfall for U.S. Meat Exporters

Japan Disaster Creates Possible Windfall for U.S. Meat Exports

Global Food Prices Highest in 20 Years

Global food prices are the highest in more than 20 years as rising oil prices stemming from civil unrest in the Middle East have caused the cost of items like cereal, dairy products and meat to increase, a United Nations agency said in a report released Thursday.

Biggest Grocery Store Markups: The Worst Deals in the Aisles

Grocery store markups unvieledWith food prices expected to increase by 3% to 5% this year, grocery stores are going to be forced to pass some of the extra cost on to shoppers.


The Taco Bell Beef Suit: Not All Processed Foods Are Evil

A new lawsuit against Taco Bell claims processed beef used by the fast food giant contains mostly fillers. Taco Bell vigorously denies the claim, but the litigation is drawing new attention to the years-long controversy over processed meats.

Could Yak Soon Become the New Buffalo?

Native to Asia's Himalayan Mountains and still exotic in the U.S. and Canada, yaks have some valuable qualities. They're environmentally sound, relatively easy to raise, have valuable wool and lower-fat meat than beef. Domestic yaks are still a cottage industry -- but gaining notice.

Meat, Poultry Nutritional Labels Will Hit Shelves in 2012

Label on a piece of meatThe USDA is rocking its comfortable relationship with some of its biggest constituents -- the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, for one -- with...

The Trade Deal With Korea Will Beef Up U.S. Meat Exports

Since the mad cow scare of 2003, South Korea has been a tough market for U.S. beef: The country first banned it, then severely limited imports. But a pending new Free Trade Agreement could mark the resumption of normal trade, and the start of a more prosperous era for American beef exports.

Meat Prices Highest Since 1980s - and Still Rising

The burger or bacon you put on your plate is likely at its most expensive since the 1980s, and it%u2019s only going to get pricier. The surging price of corn futures - which allow farmers to lock in the price of the grain for an extended period - means few farmers are expanding their herds, Bloomberg News reported. Meat prices have risen 14% this year, driving up U.S. retail costs, and the rally is not over yet. The surging price of corn futures - which allow farmers to lock in the price of the grain for an extended period - means few farmers are expanding their herds, Bloomberg News reported. Meat prices have risen 14% this year, and the rally is not over yet.

Meat Market: Cattlemen Debate Federal Antitrust Measure

Hoping to stop more small ranches from failing, the Obama administration has proposed a new antitrust rule. But ranchers are divided about whether it will help or hurt them. At a workshop Friday, some argued the rule could end up reducing their earnings.

Marketside Grab and Go sandwiches (by Walmart) recalled over Listeria risk

Sandwich meat used in Walmart sandwiches recalled.A New York company is recalling 380,000 pounds of lunch meat to be used in sandwiches sold at Walmart stores nationwide because the meat may be...

The Top 10 Cuts of Beef for Summer Grilling

It's hard to beat steaks grilled on the barbecue during the summer. But which ones are best? Fortunately, tough times means the higher-quality cuts of beef now sell for less. Here are the 10 most popular cuts for grilling.

Growing Demand for the Other Red Meat: Buffalo

More Americans are developing a taste for bison. And there are concerns that growing demand for buffalo meat could compromise the once-endangered animals and the bison industry.

Here's the Beef: Why U.S. Cattle Prices Are Rising

Meat eaters, brace yourselves for higher prices in the months to come. After a long economic slide, U.S. beef prices are rising again, as demand both at home and abroad increases -- and American consumers must now compete with Asian customers for popular beef short ribs.