Massachusetts health care reform

Presidential Debate Preview: What They'll Say About Obamacare

Wednesday's first presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is being hyped as an epic battle: More likely, it'll be a highly scripted rehash of well-worn talking points. But if real drama does occurs, one likely flashpoint will be health care reform.

5 Obamacare 'Myths' That Are (at Least Partly) True

Last week, DailyFinance explored several myths about how the health care reform law will effect average Americans -- myths that had little basis in fact. But these five rumors about the PPACA do contain at least a grain of truth, and they may hit your pocketbook.

Is Health Care Reform Working in Massachusetts?

As the battle over repealing Obama's health care law moves to the Senate, some supporters of the president's efforts point out that reform measures have been in effect in Massachusetts for four years. So it's fair to ask: How has health care reform worked in the Bay State?