Making Home Affordable

Unemployed and Seeking Shelter from the Storm

The housing crisis continues unabated, and millions of unemployed Americans remain at risk of ending up homeless. But additional government help is arriving from the Obama administration, and nonprofit agencies are making a difference in the efforts of some families to get help from their lenders.

Home Foreclosures Hit a Five-Year High in March

Despite other signs of a growing economic recovery, foreclosures are not slowing down. March 367,056 foreclosure filings were reported according to RealtyTrac, up 19% from February, up 8% from March 2009, and the highest number since RealtyTrac began reporting on them in January 2005.

Panel: Foreclosure Program Just Isn't Working

The Congressional Oversight Panel, which was tasked with evaluating the federal foreclosure mitigation program, found that the Making Home Affordable plan has done little to help individual homeowners and, in many cases, has just prolonged their pain.

Modifying Homeowners' Loans - and Their Behavior

It's been well-reported that mortgage loan modifications are moving like molasses at big banks. But a little company called Ocwen Financial is using behavioral science to remove the stumbling blocks that get in the way of people trying to keep their homes.

Loan modification program a bust

Only a very small fraction of homeowners who are eligible for government-backed mortgage modifications have been helped. Figures from the Treasury...