Macmillan Publishers

Lying Source Creates Mess for Hiroshima Book

Writer Charles Pellegrino's "Last Train to Hiroshima" had been enjoying great reviews since it was released in January -- until Sunday, when it was revealed to rely on an unreliable source. Now the publisher plans to reprint the book with author revisions. Here's what it's going to cost.

Amazon Loses to Macmillan. Now for the Wider War

The battle's over, and now comes the long, costly war. Publishers Hachette and HarperCollins are now on board with the pricing model championed by rival Macmillan, which sets e-book prices higher. Amazon has restored Macmillan's titles to its page after a one-week protest -- but that's not the end.

Amazon Buys Next-Gen Touchscreen Firm

In a deal certain to impact the next generation of Kindles, Amazon has acquired TouchCo, a start-up that has created some remarkable new (and remarkably inexpensive) touchscreen technology.

Amazon Loses First Battle in E-Book War

Macmillan, one of publishing's Big Six, has become the first company to fight Amazon's pricing of e-books. Amazon lost this battle, but it's going to be a long and costly war, with the other five publishers and with Apple, which unveiled its Kindle rival iPad last week.

Publishers Weigh When to Release E-Books

When should an e-book be published? Before the physical copy gets published, or months later, or at the same time? Next year, publishers will increasingly weigh tradition against the tide of consumers who want to read their e-books when they want them, and on any device they choose.