Tablet Sales Expected to Surge, While Netbooks Fade Away

The tablet market is expect to dominate PC sales for a number of years to come, but forecasts about consumer electronics products are often wrong. It was only two years ago that the industry and researchers expected netbooks would become the growth sector of the market. That turned out to be way off.

Face-Off on Stocks: Research In Motion, Nokia, Motorola

Not too long ago, Research In Motion, Nokia and Motorola each enjoyed the sort of market-dominating mojo that Apple and Google boast today. But all three have slipped badly and their shares have tanked. The question now, is whether these companies can regain lost ground and if their fallen stocks are now good values.

Android Passes iPhone OS in China

While Google's Android OS has been a hit in America with handsets from HTC, Motorola and others, it has still trailed other operating systems, including the iPhone OS from Apple. But the story is different in China.

Google Expands to TV

Google is set to announce that its Android software has been adapted to run on set-top boxes.

Will Google's Next Phone Be A BlackBerry Killer?

On the heels of the debut of the Nexus One handheld,Google is now targeting the business market. The company says that the next version of the Nexus One will probably come with a physical keyboard like the BlackBerry. Research In Motion has reason to be concerned.

New CEO pay lists are misleading

The amount of money that CEOs at big U.S. companies make has been the subject of controversy for years. As proxies come out, the numbers for base...