Grad School Math: Which Degrees Are Worth the Debt

With unemployment high and wages stagnant, now's a rough time to be entering the job market. Historically, when a harsh economy awaits, young people tend to run for cover in grad school. It's a smart strategy -- unless you pick the wrong field of study.

Why Not to Pick a Major Based on a Salary Chart

This week, researchers at Georgetown took the nation's humanities majors to task for making such unlucrative choices in college. But their report takes too shallow a look at the results of not becoming an engineer. Former Latin American Studies major Loren Berlin offers a wider take on the real value of a B.A. in the humanities.

Impact Investing: Making Your Money Count

For some time, investors who wanted to put their money where their morals were have chosen socially responsible investing -- steering their cash away from firms whose practices they disapproved of. Now comes impact investing, which uses invested funds to solve social or environmental goals and earn competitive returns, too.

Maximize the Value of Your MBA

Advancing your business career in this job market can be a challenge. According to a Business Week poll, only 38% of senior business majors reported...

Billionaire Henry Kravis Gives $100 Million to Columbia Business School

Henry Kravis, billionaire co-founder of private equity outfit KKR, pledged $100 million to Columbia Business School, the largest gift in the institution%u2019s history. Columbia will use the money to help fund the construction of the business school%u2019s new site in New York City%u2019s Manhattanville section, Bloomberg News reported. The business school will name one of its two new buildings for Kravis.

Housing market remains weak

The talk of a bottom in the housing market seems to be just that ... talk. Mortgage applications fell to a seven-month low for the week ended June...

More MBA moms opt-out

The Mommy Track has gained traction over the last 15 years.A new study released by U.C. Berkeley's Haas School of Business shows that a surprising...