Is the Market Rally Over, or Is It Just Taking a Breather?

Markets hate uncertainty more than bad news, which is one reason they've swooned: No one can predict the long-term economic effects of Japan's earthquake or Middle Eastern upheaval. But technical analysis looks at the patterns deeper than the daily news, and the charts suggest a real bear ahead.

What to Watch for in the Dollar's Moves

The stock market is often coy about announcing when its trend is about to change direction, but DailyFinance's technical analysis guru, Charles Hugh Smith, sees a downward shift coming. His basis for bearishness is a relationship that has applied often in the markets -- the dollar-stocks see-saw.

Technical Market Analysis Warns: Mind the Gaps

Financial markets are becoming increasingly schizophrenic, ruled by erratic ups and downs. It's at times like these when technical analysis can help investors manage the emotional roller coaster, which is why for chart watchers, the catchphrase of the next few months could be "mind the gaps."

Warning Flags in the Stock Charts: Reversal Ahead?

Technical analysis is indicating that last week's indecision will be decisively broken shortly by either the bulls or the bears. But which move is more likely? That's where the charts seems to be flashing a very clear alert that bulls should be aware of.

With Stocks at Key Technical Level, What's Next?

Having hit 1,150 on Friday, the S&P 500 is now at a crossroad: Will it fall back, or continue marching up to the next technical target around 1,200? No one chart can say for sure, but here are some points to be aware of -- and to watch in coming days.

Reading the VIX: What the 'Fear Index' Is Saying Now

After spiking in May on dismay over Eurozone debt anxiety, the VIX has been trending generally downward, with any jumps being only short-lived. Another jump just occurred. The thing to watch now is if the VIX follows this recent pattern -- or not.

As the Bear Shows Its Teeth, Where Do Stocks Go Next?

Investors are reeling after Wednesday's global decline in the equity markets, as the Dow fell 265 points and the S&P 500 lost over 2%. Some key charts suggest that the battle between bulls and bears is approaching an important turning point.

The Technical Argument for a Bigger Bull Rally

The market has been up and down for the past few months, and right now, it's down: But is this the end of the summer rally, or just a standard retrace in an uptrend? Technically, a strong case can be made that it is the latter -- just a typical retrace in a longer bullish trend.

Is the Bull Run Over, or Just Taking a Break?

Bearish technical indicators clearly outnumber the bullish signs, and the unsettling drop in consumer sentiment is a particularly dangerous harbinger. But now that bears are ascendant and pessimism rampant, it could also be time to become contrarian.