Losing Money

Have You Made a Big Money Blunder? You're Not Alone

A new report reveals that two out of three middle-class Americans acknowledge having made at least one "really bad financial decision" -- at a median cost of $5,000. And that's not the only surprising fact in the results.

Who Are the Nation's Biggest Suckers? Lottery Players

As bizarre as it sounds, 21% of American adults agreed with the statement: "Winning the lottery represents the most practical way [for me] to accumulate several hundred thousand dollars." Those 21% couldn't be more wrong.

10 Star Athletes Who Excelled at Losing Millions

We learned last week that former NFL star Chris McAlister, a three-time Pro Bowler, is broke and living with his parents after just a year out of the league. But he's hardly the first sports icon to blow through the cash in a flash. In his honor, here are our 10 favorite professional asset-annihilating athletes.