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4 Ways You Can Profit From the Zombie Apocalypse

AMC's "The Walking Dead" is a runaway hit,and its ratings just keep getting bigger. Clearly, America is in a post-apocalyptic mood, as hooked on zombies as we are on vampires. So if you've got the brains, you might want to invest in this undead trend. Here are four stocks to consider before the world ends.

Stocks to Watch Friday: 'Hunger Games' Stifles Lions Gate's Roar

"The Hunger Games" may have been a springtime smash at the box office, but it wasn't enough to get Lions Gate Films' profits roaring. The film distributor posted a surprising quarterly loss on Thursday night, after marketing costs ate up the period's potential profitability.

Icahn Supports Lions Gate's Bid to Buy MGM

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn threw his support behind Lions Gate Entertainment's proposal to acquire debt-laden Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, according to a filing with the SEC Tuesday. Icahn is Lions Gate's largest shareholder and also holds a significant amount of MGM's debt.

Icahn Raises Hostile Bid for Lions Gate to $7.50 a Share

Lions Gate Entertainment shares jumped some 12.5% to around $7.30 Tuesday after billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn raised his hostile bid for the studio to $7.50 per share in cash, up from the previous offer of $6.50 a share. Lions Gate's board said it will review the offer.

Icahn's Next Move in the Lion's Gate Takeover Saga

What's the canny corporate raider's endgame strategy in his drawn-out pursuit of Lions Gate Entertainment? His current tender offer of $7 a share ends June 30. After that, the price could fall, making it cheaper for him to raise his stake.

Why Carl Icahn Could Hike Hostile Bid for Lions Gate

With animosity now in the open between the activist investor and Lions Gate CEO and Co-Chairman Jon Feltheimer, Icahn appears only more furiously determined to win. But if he raises his offer, it likely won't be by too much.