9 Great American Companies That Will Never Recover

Sometimes, companies that were once leaders fall hopelessly behind. They may struggle on for years, but their chances to engineer turnarounds have passed. 24/7 Wall St. has found nine of these companies -- names you know well, but that will never be great again.

How to Get Warren Buffett- Style Shareholder Perks

For investors who open a brokerage account and buy stocks, there's more to be had than just the promise of better investment returns. Some of America's best-known firms also offer perks to their shareholders -- and not just big-money shareholders, either.

Despite Rivals, the iPad Will Dominate for Years

Apple's wildly popular iPad tablet computer is expected to maintain its market dominance over the next couple of years, despite a number of rivals rushing to churn out similar products, according to a report released Wednesday by research firm iSuppli.

Can Dell Buy Its Way Out of Trouble?

Dell's earnings topped Wall Street expectations, but with shares down some 16% year-to-date, the computer company is still struggling. Should it use its $11 billion in cash to buy itself out of trouble?

Samsung's Galaxy Tab Will Run Google's Android

Samsung Electronics provided the missing piece to its tablet computer puzzle on Friday, announcing the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Tab will run on Google's Android operating system, just like its Galaxy smartphones, which debuted in April.

Lenovo Plans Tablet PC Powered by Android

Lenovo is developing a new tablet PC that relies on Google's Android operating system, becoming the latest computer maker to jump into what is becoming a crowded market for tablet computers, according to a Reuters report.

Why Lenovo Should Steer Clear of Palm

Lenovo is considering a bid for smart phone maker Palm. But such a move could be risky. Palm has not been successful partly because its operating system is caught in a dead zone somewhere between Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.

Palm Prepares to Put Itself on the Block

Struggling smartphone maker Palm is reportedly gearing up for a sale, and is poised to put out a call for bids in a move that could come as early as this week, Bloomberg reported Monday. Shares of Palm soared 20% in morning trading, climbing as high as $6.17.

Dell may buy more companies

In an exclusive interview with Bloomberg, Michael Dell of Dell Inc. (DELL) said his company is "rapidly developing" merger expertise and will seek...

Free Windows 7 upgrades could cost you

If you were one of the thousands of shoppers who purchased a new computer since June 26 and are expecting a free upgrade to Windows 7 you may find...