Larry Summers

More Top Obama Economic Aides to Step Down

Two of President Barack Obama%u2019s top economic advisers plan to quit. White House National Economic Council Deputy Director Diana Farrell and Treasury Department Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions Michael Barr both plan to leave in the coming weeks, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Obama's Bank Bailout Chief Is
the Latest to Go

Herbert Allison, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability, is the latest member of the Obama economic to leave ahead of what many expect to be crushing losses for the Democrats in November.

Will Jeff Immelt Be Larry Summers' Replacement?

In theory, the role of the director of the White House National Economic Council is to present the president with an unbiased range of economic opinions. Larry Summers didn't do that -- he promoted his own views instead. But what will his successor do -- and will it make any difference?

Summers to Step Down as Obama's Economic Adviser

Lawrence Summers will step down from his role as President Obama's National Economic Council director and return to Harvard University after the midterm elections in November, according to reports.

Romer Resigns: A Chance to Reset Economic Policy?

The departure of Christina Romer as chair of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers ought to prompt a rethink of U.S. economic policy -- but it won't, even though Friday's jobs numbers showed tepid progress on creating jobs for the millions put out of work by the recession.

Is Christina Romer Out as Chief Economic Adviser?

Christina Romer is reportedly leaving the White House as Chair of the President's Council of Economic Advisers. Is she taking the fall for an unemployment rate that has remained stubbornly high?

Harvard's Toxic Swaps: Interest Rate Bets Lost Billions

Harvard alumni usually end up doing pretty well for themselves. But one alumnus, former U.S. Treasury Secretary and current Obama economic advisor Larry Summers has bequeathed a big financial problem to his alma mater - a massive losing gamble on interest rates.