Haiti's Best Hotels Thrive in the Quake's Long Aftermath

A year after Haiti's catastrophic Jan. 12 earthquake, Port-au-Prince is still primarily a city of rubble and ruin. But the views from high-end spots like the Hotel Oloffson are picture perfect, and with armies of aid workers still needing somewhere to bed down, business at those hotels left intact is booming.

Preview: More Rough Seas for Royal Caribbean

There's no smooth sailing for Royal Caribbean Cruises, which is expected to post a weak quarter as the recession soaks its revenues. The likely soggy fourth-quarter results will come despite cost-cutting and aggressive marketing.

Cruise Line Visit to Haiti Highlights Ugly Side of Paradise

Three days after the earthquake in Haiti, Royal Caribbean sent one of its cruise ships to Labadee, a privately owned Haitian beach. The move, which created an uncomfortable juxtaposition between starving, dying Haitians and well-fed vacationers, has caused many to question the cruise line and its relationship to its Caribbean ports of call.