Kenneth Feinberg

Gulf Oil Spill Fund to Speed Up Payments to Victims

The $20 billion fund established to compensate victims of BP's Gulf oil spill has been criticized for processing claims too slowly. Kenneth Feinberg responded to those accusations Saturday, and said was implementing changes to make payments more quickly, and more generous.

Legal Briefing: Can BP Victims Get Paid and Still Sue?

Legal Briefing: BP and BP spill fund czar Kenneth Feinberg is taking a lot of flak for the details of the compensation program. One issue is the likelihood that people who take payments won't be able to sue later.

A Tough First Day for Oil Spill Claims Czar Feinberg

Kenneth Feinberg, who was jointly selected to be the new oil spill claims czar by the White House and BP, spent his first official day on the job Monday taking heat over the guidelines he has established for claims against the fund BP set up for victims of the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

Legal Briefing: DOJ Gets Tougher on Foreign Bribery

A dedicated team of prosecutors will be going after large-scale foreign corruption, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Sunday. Main Justice reports this effort comes on top of the stepped-up prosecutions under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Kenneth Feinberg Tries to Shame Wall Street

A new report from pay czar Kenneth Feinberg looks at compensation practices at 17 banks that received federal bailouts, and it's not a pretty picture: The banks made an estimated $1.6 billion in "ill-advised" payments.

BP Fund Czar Excels at Weighing Victims' Suffering

As the claims administrator for the $20 billion BP Deepwater Horizon compensation fund, Kenneth R. Feinberg brings to the task 25 years as a mediator skilled at finding a measure of justice for victims of disasters from Vietnam to 9/11.

Pay czar tips his hand

The Federal Reserve is working toward proposing broad rules for compensation at financial firms. European Union leaders are doing the same. But, the...

Four reasons to stop Obama's comp cop

President Obama announced that Kenneth Feinberg will become the nation's "Special Master" for compensation (I call him the comp cop). Feinberg is the...