Ken Feinberg

BP Shares Jump on Reports That Shell Considered Merger Bid

Shares in BP (BP) jumped to the highest in six months on media reports that Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A) considered bidding for the British company during the Gulf Oil disaster. BP shares climbed 5% to 488.85 pence at 10:00 GMT, Reuters reported.

Gulf Oil Spill Fund to Speed Up Payments to Victims

The $20 billion fund established to compensate victims of BP's Gulf oil spill has been criticized for processing claims too slowly. Kenneth Feinberg responded to those accusations Saturday, and said was implementing changes to make payments more quickly, and more generous.

A Tough First Day for Oil Spill Claims Czar Feinberg

Kenneth Feinberg, who was jointly selected to be the new oil spill claims czar by the White House and BP, spent his first official day on the job Monday taking heat over the guidelines he has established for claims against the fund BP set up for victims of the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

BP Management May Be Out Next Month

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg may be ousted as early as next month, primarily because he was so late in participating publicly in the oil company's Gulf disaster response, The Financial Times reports. The same report says that CEO Tony Hayward is hanging on to his position because of board support. But he may be forced to resign in August as well.

Two AIG Execs Get Eyebrow-Raising Pay Jump

While the overall 2010 cash pay of AIG's top earners will fall, the two senior managers have been awarded hefty raises. This likely won't help in soothing public anger about excessive executive compensation at bailed-out companies.

Fannie and Freddie CEOs Score Big Paydays

Big firms which got government bailouts and haven't paid back the money are supposed to be subject to pay restrictions. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both borrowed tens of billions, and haven't repaid it yet. So how is it that their CEOs will make millions for their work in 2009?