Kate Middleton

The Royal Baby By the Numbers

The royal baby is just a day old, but he's already joined the family business. Here's a glimpse at some fascinating facts and figures about William and Kate's bundle of joy.

What Kate's Royal Pregnancy Is Reminding Us About Raising Kids

The announcement of Kate Middleton's pregnancy this week was joyous for the Windsor family and royal-watchers alike. But all the fuss around the story hides an uncomfortable truth: For many of us, having an heir is getting unaffordably expensive and folks feeling the pinch are putting it off.

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Nothing Like a Royal Wedding to Lift Brits' Spirits

Serious budget cuts and sky-high unemployment have left the British masses drained, unhappy and bitter about the mess in which the ruling classes have landed them. So, it's curious that this pronouncement of pending royal bliss should stir such good will and pleasure.