Cisco's Optimism Falls on Wall Street's Deaf Ears

Cisco reported earnings last week that topped analysts' estimates, but the margins disappointed Wall Street and the stock plunged 15%. CEO John Chambers remains confident that the company can revive margins and remain competitive. Will investors take his optimism seriously?

The Coming Boom in Videoconferencing Technology

The concept of the videophone is nearly as old as the phone itself, and prototypes predate the Beatles by many decades. But while other new modes of communication, from email to instant messaging to cell phones have been adopted at astonishing rates, video has lagged -- until now.

Yahoo Drawn Into Google's Cyber War With China

Yahoo was drawn into the growing cyber-war between Google and the Chinese government after it declared its support of the U.S.-based search giant. Google threatened to pull out of China after it became the victim of a massive cyber attack that is believed to be masterminded by the Chinese government.