Julian Assange WikiLeaks

Has WikiLeaks Rumor Made Bank of America a Buy?

When WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asserted that his next big leak would involve documents from a major unnamed bank, investors in Bank of America got nervous and the stock has been on bumpy ride. The question now is: Have the WikiLeaks worries made BofA shares a better buy?

WikiLeaks Latest Document Dump Yields No Surprises

Despite all the media fervor over WikiLeaks massive document dump of decades of U.S. diplomatic correspondence, the leaked material hasn't revealed anything new. But while it may not harm national security, the leak could deal a serious blow to mainstream efforts to increase government transparency.

WikiLeaks and The New York Times: Why Size Matters

Why did WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange choose to share his leaked documents on the Afghanistan war with The New York Times? That's a question the paper's executives should consider as they pursue plans to erect an online pay wall next year.