John Hussman

An Investor's Best Approach to the Bull vs. Bear Battle

Big money managers can change their strategy at any time. But for individuals investors -- who are betting their own money -- the decision to be bearish or bullish is much tougher. Here's the key question: What lets you sleep at night?

The 2010s Have to Be Better for Stocks

A look back at the last decade shows that not even the Great Depression was so unkind to stocks. That's right: the 2000s are going down as The Worst Decade Ever when it comes to U.S. equity performance. Will the next decade be any better? Hey, it can't hurt to ask.

John Hussman's Big Bearish Call on Stocks

When a highly successful money manager like Hussman crunches the numbers and decides that shares are priced to disappoint -- perhaps for the next decade -- intelligent investors would do well to pay attention.