John Edwards

Pop Quiz: What Were the Most Expensive Affairs in History?

The recent revelation of Gen. David Petraeus' affair cost him a promising political career. But in the grand history of marital infidelity, it barely warrants a footnote. If you want to see where Petraeus ranks when it comes to expensive affairs, take our quiz.

A Quickie Guide to Career-Ending Political Sex Scandals

A sex scandal this week led to the resignation of Gen. David Petraeus and shut the door on a promising political career. Washington's halls of power are littered with the corpses of political careers killed by a sexual indiscretions. Here are six types of career-ending political affairs.

Pop Quiz: A Funny Money History of Vice Presidential Candidates

While the presidential candidates are the main event, they are often not as interesting as their running mates. With less of a need to cater to the center, vice presidential candidates can have more fun, be a bit more outrageous, occasionally make some waves financially.

John Edwards' Mistress Seeks Share of Aide's Bestselling Book Profits

The ongoing court battle between Rielle Hunter, the mistress of John Edwards, and Andrew Young, a top aide to the former Senator, has added a new twist: lawyers for Hunter argued that she should have some of the profits from The Politician, Young's number-one bestselling tell-all about Edwards'life on the campaign trail.

Give The National Enquirer a Pulitzer Prize? Why Not?

After hinting it wasn't going to allow The National Enquirer to compete, the body that oversees the Pulitzer Prizes -- journalism's Oscars -- has reversed course and decided to accept the tabloid's submissions. This isn't going to please a lot of old-school journalism grandees, but it was the right thing to do.

Obama and the Dems Are Down, but Hardly Out

President Obama's approval rating has dropped. But here's something investors should know: The rate has declined for nearly every president from the first year to the second. A lot of the drop stems from the poor economy and the unemployment rate. A stronger economy always reverses the trend.

How Tiger Woods Shook the Tabloids Off His Tail

More than two years ago, a photographer for the National Enquirer caught Tiger Woods in a liaison in a church parking lot with a woman who was not his wife. But the magazine never published the photos, and used them to gain access to the golfer instead.