Jim McNerney

Why We Have a Lack of Corporate Leadership

What makes a truly great leader? Attention to detail, a vision for the future, or maybe a strong personality? How about an education from Harvard or another top business school? Maybe the formula for superior leadership is much simpler; maybe the best way to spot a great leader is simply to look for someone who doesn't focus on profits.

It's All-Out War in the Aircraft Industry

Aerospace is an intensely nationalist business. But not only do aircraft makers get tied up in international political battles, such battle lines are drawn between states as well. Witness the just-completed competition between blue state Boeing and red state Airbus.

It's Time for a New Pilot at Delay-Plagued Boeing

Given the latest production delay at Boeing, this time on the 747-8, the board should finally slide CEO Jim McNerney out the emergency exit. Ford CEO Alan McNerney looks like the perfect fit, especially because of his successful earlier career at Boeing.

Will Boeing move to Beijing?

Boeing (BA) CEO Jim McNerney is eager to move the company to China. Whether moving Boeing to China means shifting its headquarters from Chicago to...

Boeing announces fifth 787 delay

Things are getting embarrassing for Boeing (BA) CEO Jim McNerney. That's because after announcing four delays to its highly touted aircraft, the 787...