Jeffrey Skilling

Legal Briefing: McDonald's Sued for Too-Hot Chocolate

The infamous McDonald's coffee lawsuit has a sequel. A mother has sued the fast-food giant because too-hot chocolate burned her daughter. But the coffee suit was much stronger than was reported and may bolster the new case.

Legal Briefing: BP-Anadarko Fight Stays Out of Court

BP and Anadarko will battle over whether the former was grossly negligent in the Deepwater Horizon project before an arbitration panel, not a court. This means the fight won't help oil-spill plaintiffs. Plus, Viacom vs. YouTube and dangerously industry-friendly regulators.

Enron's Skilling Wins Partial Victory, May Get a New Trial

Will Enron ex-CEO Jeffrey Skilling get out of jail? The Supreme Court ruled today on several aspects of his convictions, and it vacated one of them. It's now up to a lower court to review the ruling and decide whether Skilling deserves a new trial.