Jackson Hole

Is Bernanke Calling it Quits?

Ben Bernanke is intensifying speculation that this year will be his last as Federal Reserve chairman by deciding to skip the Fed's annual August conference in Wyoming.

Stocks Higher, but Volatile, After Bernanke Speaks

Investors liked what they heard from Ben Bernanke, and stocks rose enough to put them into positive territory for August. The Federal Reserve chairman said on Friday morning that the Fed is ready to help the economy with more bond-buying.

Why World Markets Focus on Tiny Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Every August, the world's financial markets shift their attention from the centers of global commerce to a mountain valley in northwest Wyoming. On Friday, they will hear a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. So how did Jackson Hole, Wyo., come to wield such outsize importance in global economic affairs?

Bernanke Proposes No New Steps to Boost Economy

Fed chief Ben Bernanke proposed no new steps to boost the economy during his highly anticipated Jackson Hole speech Friday. But he did hint that Congress may have to step in to stimulate hiring and growth.