Will Apple Go Downmarket With Cheaper iPhone?

When Apple rolls out its next-generation, high-end iPhone 5 this fall, one analyst is predicting the company will also shoot for the low-end market by introducing a second, inexpensive iPhone model that's capable of working with prepaid phone plans.

Samsung Goes Thin in Its Laptop War With Apple

Samsung is out to boost its laptop sales by 80% this year, and key to that effort will be its supersvelte 9 Series notebook. Aimed directly at Apple's MacBook Air, the notebook is a move to refocus on high-end gear -- with a high-end price to match.

Apple's Stealth Assault on the Video Game Market

By now you probably know that the surprise hit of Apple's latest earnings call was the hockey-puck-size AppleTV device. But an unexpected upside for Apple is that AppleTV could be a backdoor entry into the video-game console market. Here's how that would work.

BlackBerry Torch Fails to Brighten Future for RIM

The Torch is fizzling. Now what? The Torch was Research In Motion's bid to return to the cutting edge of smartphones, a market that is at once a rare corner of the economy where consumers are eager to spend and perhaps the most intensely competitive in terms of tech innovation.

Steve Jobs to Lefties: Stop Holding My iPhone the Wrong Way

Apple issued a statement Thursday night after widespread complaints of iPhone 4 service failures by people gripping the phone with their left hand. Turns out lefties cradle the device in a way that bridges the two antennas. This, apparently, causes the device to lose its 3G signal, which is needed to make regular cell phone calls.

Iphone 4 already sold out

The moment that Steve Jobs stood up on stage to present the iPhone 4, Apple lovers went wild. The new features and sleek design prompted an...

Best Buy Earnings Preview: Gadgets to Boost Results

Americans may be spending less, but they are not skimping on cool gadgets. Analysts expect Best Buy to post earnings on Tuesday of 50 cents a share, up from 42 cents last year, and revenue growth of 8.4%.