iPad 2: Don't Expect Apple's Stock to Pop

Apple is expected to unveil the new version of its popular iPad on Wednesday, but investors shouldn't hold their breath for a huge pop in the tech giant's stock price after the debut. The reason: History shows there's a big difference in how the markets greet Apple's revolutions versus its evolutions.

Get an iPhone 4 at Radio Shack for $25

Radio Shack and the Apple Store may be at opposite ends of the spectrum when you think of buying an iPhone, but a deal this week at Radio Shack that...

Smartphone of the Future Will Read Your Moods, Intel Says

The smartphone of the future will be able to react to your moods, Intel Chief Technology officer Justin Rattner predicts. The phone of the future could use microphones, cameras and heart monitors to measure their user%u2019s moods and offer advice, Rattner said at a conference in San Francisco, Reuters reported.