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The 6 Best Apps for the 2012 Olympics

There are nearly 150 Apple apps relating to the Olympics, many involving a social media component to engage fans, and all aimed at enhancing your spectator experience. Which are the best? TheStreet recommends these six.

Why SI Ignored Apple's iPad Guidelines

Magazine publishers are at great pains these days to please Apple (AAPL), whose fast-selling tablet computer, the iPad, just may be the key to their future survival. But following all the persnickety dictates handed down by Steve Jobs isn't always easy, as Sports Illustrated recently realized.

Paparazzi Take on People in Digital Rights Fight

The celebrity photos industry is notoriously cutthroat, with photographers competing against one other -- sometimes physically -- to snap the juiciest pictures and score lucrative exclusives they can sell to magazines and websites. Now People magazine's iPad app introduces a fresh front for fighting.

Six jobs created by the iPad

It's barely been a month since Apple's iPad made its way into the hands of eager consumers, and in a few days thousands more iPads will be sold with...

Top 10 iPad apps to save you money

After investing at least $500 in your new Apple iPad, you're going to need a few apps to complete the experience. And while there are still...

The iPad Has Developers Seeing Gold

Entrepreneurs, developers and businesses are looking to cash in on Apple's mobile Midas touch by bringing new iPad accessories and software to market. The cottage industry serving Apple's iPods and iPhones generates an estimated $6 billion to $7 billion in sales annually.